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Empowering Idaho Businesses to Communicate Effectively

Megan McCaleb is making a significant impact in Idaho and beyond by helping individuals improve their communication skills. Through her expertise in improv and comedy, she operates Improv Team Culture, guiding leaders and professionals in honing their storytelling abilities. Megan is known for her innovative approach, using improv techniques for business team training. 


Megan’s reach extends beyond Idaho, connecting with people across the nation. Rooted in Boise, Idaho, she actively contributes to local businesses and community initiatives. Megan’s mission is to instill positivity and productivity in adults, while also supporting the next generation of leaders. 


Megan has performed and taught leadership communication workshops internationally and is a speaking coach through for high achieving professionals. She has remote, hybrid, and in-person training options for you and your teams.


Discover Megan’s story and her contributions to Idaho’s communication landscape in the Idaho Business Review.

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