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Improv Team Culture

Improv is the hottest thing in corporate business team training. Because it works!

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Improv Team Culture provides virtual or in-person innovative business team workshops for companies of all sizes; providing team building and skills training by using the principles of improv comedy.

Megan is a very compelling and unreserved speaker that makes you want to pay attention to her. She seems to have spent a great deal of time practicing her public speaking skills.
S M Mostaq Hossain
S M Mostaq Hossain
Megan is an exceptional public speaker. Her way of delivering style, communication skills are impressive, and she is clearly very knowledgeable about her subject matter. One thing that really stood out to me from the last MasterClass was that "how to develop an authentic and compelling voice that will engage and inspire any audience:. This demonstrated not only her expertise, but also her ability to connect with the audience and make their message relatable. In addition, Megan was able to hold the audience's attention throughout the entire presentation. She was abled to keep the audience engaged and involved, which made the overall experience enjoyable and informative. Overall, I highly recommend Megan as a public speaker. Her expertise, engaging delivery style, and ability to connect with the audience make her a top choice for any event or gathering.
Victoria West
Victoria West
We had Megan join us for our 10th annual team retreat and it was so much fun! It was a 2.5 hour team building workshop, focusing on the improv concept of “Yes, and.” We learned so much about how we come across to others by participating in some really fun games. We laughed so much and I feel like I learned a lot about myself and my coworkers. I will strive to no longer be a “yeah, butter…” ☺️ Megan is amazing to work with! I cannot recommend her enough.
Jenny Beecher
Jenny Beecher
Megan has an incredible way of engaging, entertaining, inspiring and educating at the same time. She really challenges her audience to think differently and inspires positive relationship building and personal responsibility. She's just an incredible human. Highly recommend!
Stephanie Prusia
Stephanie Prusia
The “yes and…” is addicting and once you start realizing the “ya butters” and I’ve been categorizing my sphere. Unfortunately when I have a doubt or don’t have enough info I’ve labeled myself as a ya butter…still need Megan’s classes to improve!! She’s welcoming, patient and kind. I’ve been participating in her events for about 10 years!!
Kinsey Machos
Kinsey Machos
Megan is a TRUE leader and expert in the industry. We asked her to come speak at a client delivery event where we wanted to curate connectedness amongst our members, elevate the culture in the room, and unlock a new wave of clarity for people to leave transformed. Megan was able to help us meet all of these objectives while also surpassing our clients' expectations. This shared experience had a huge impact on revenue, reach and retention which are vitally important to us as we work to spread our message and movement. There really is NOTHING out there in the market like Megan's unique brilliance. We are so grateful to have shared the stage with her and looking forward to having her again.
Angela Aja
Angela Aja
Meagan is top-notch. Engaging. Enlightening. Empowering. I heard her speak at a conference for female CEO's in Dallas. Not only did she have us laughing but through the power of improv, she helped us all uplevel our leadership skills and gave us powerful insight into ways that we could expand our business opportunities. I would highly recommend her as a powerful speaker and visionary.
Tammy Rampton
Tammy Rampton
Megan did an amazing job engaging the youth we work with and tailoring the experience to fit the variety of ages in our group as well as work in the time frame we had. She was positive, encouraging, and uplifting. Our youth (and the adults!) enjoyed every second of our time with her.
Kayce Ramirez
Kayce Ramirez
Megan did a fabulous job for our Board retreat! She has an awesome balance of real-life and imagination! Our narratives matter and getting un-stuck with "Yes, and" rather than remaining stagnant in the "yeah, but" realm is powerful. I highly recommend Megan! Her training was a refreshing dip in a re-imagined reality and brought our team closer!
Lisa Wilson
Lisa Wilson
Megan does a great job commanding her audience. We hired her as the keynote speaker for a professional event. She had the entire audience engaged and participating. Great job Megan! I'd hire her again without hesitation. Lisa Wilson - President, Treasure Valley Association of Health Underwriters.
*Megan Bryant of Improv Team Culture speaking with Channel 7 KTVB about her improv business workshops.
Megan McCaleb has been training the art and rules of improv as applied to everyday life and in the workplace for over 15 years. Her keynote speeches are high energy, hilarious, tender, and relevant.
Team Building Workshops

I’ve been teaching improv in the workplace with business teams of all sizes, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. My improv business workshops are an energetic and insightful addition to conferences, leadership retreats, team building events, and staff meetings in-person or through video conferencing.

Team Training

Ovation Speaker Series

"Yes, And" Improv Coaching

Keynote Presenter

Past Clients Include

About me

A few words about me

Experienced Business Workshop Improv Trainer

I am an Improv Trainer and an Award-Winning author of my autobiography, “Not My Plan – Sucking it in Until I had to Push it Out.” I was also named 2019’s Best Local Comedian by the Boise Weekly and is the host of the podcast, “I Hardly Know Her,” which can be streamed on your favorite podcast platform. 

I have an unusual career background that includes corporate roles in retail banking management and FEMA grant administration, while balancing my passion for stand-up and improv comedy, commercial work, and coaching business professionals to use improv insights in their content creation, sales strategies, and client engagement. 

I also have a sweet spot for teaching Public Speaking with Improv Insights, and help my clients infuse humor and the connective tools of improv rules into their keynotes, business pitches, or to be more polished as a podcaster and content creator.

I have been the recipient of such honors as Idaho Business Review’s Accomplished Under 40 and Women of the Year recognitions. 

I’m passionate about serving others through laughter and optimism and driven to create happier, healthier human connections through humor.  I reside in Boise with my four young children and am a Jeep enthusiast.


What my clients say

" I’ve never done any business workshop like this before. It was a lot of fun and different than I expected it to be. The improv training class gave me a lot of insight into how I interact with other people and how I perceive things, and it came back to all things positive. "
Bree J.
" The best reward was the feeling our whole business team experienced by buying in 100% to a memorable experience together. Our improv workshop was like an afternoon of Miracle-Gro for our team! "
Amber F.
Saalt Co.
" It was by far one of the most interactive, creative, and beneficial classes I have ever taken. I couldn't recommend Megan's improv training classes enough. "
Jon M.

Improved Team Culture

Whether you work in small business teams of just a few people, or a company with thousands, the tools and skills of improvisation, commonly found in the comedy performance style, can give you an edge in the workplace. Improv training is fun for everyone and bridges the gaps between generations and communication styles.  Come and check out my business team workshops and realize what improv can do for you and your business team.


Got questions?

Teaching improv skills in a business setting will enhance the abilities of both individuals and entire companies. Your business team will develop better communication skills and the ability to think on their feet. I show you how to foster innovation, confidence, trust, team building, and creativity.  My improv training business workshops are perfect for anyone looking to gain to skills in the workplace.

Our interactive improv workshop sessions are designed to develop:

  • Confidence
  • Trust
  • Active Listening
  • Presentation Skills
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Team Building
  • Sales Strategies
  • Organizational Creativity
  • Enhanced Brainstorming
  • Effective Communication
  • Supportive Environment
  • Spontaneity
  • Public Speaking Skills

This isn’t just “touchy-feely” hippie stuff. Trust me; I wouldn’t be doing it if it were. You can expect that each business training session will be amusing, a lot of fun and taught using a learn-by-doing approach. I have extensive experience in corporate, government agencies and small business environments. I relate all of the exercises we will do to current trends in the corporate world and to those in your own company.

Events can be held at your office, event space, or virtually through your video conferencing platform of choice.

Yes.  I will work with you to create a fully engaged workshop that will be focused with your industry in mind and will feature all three ways people learn – visually (watching others), auditorily (hearing) and kinetically (doing!).  I can also work with you to create a training that addresses pain points within your organization.

Training sessions can be as short as 90 minutes or as long as a full-day, multi-segment experience depending on your needs. The most popular in-person training event is 3 hours, which will FLY by once we get rollin. Virtual sessions or keynotes are typically 45-55 minutes. 


Get in touch

Contact me today to schedule an Improv training workshop.  From small groups to large teams, from in-person to virtual, I can help you and your business team discover the power of Improv training and how it can help improve your business team culture!

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