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How Does Your Message Have the Ultimate Impact?

Speak to Your Audience
A LARGE amount of my speaking experience over the years has been as a representative of other people and brands and missions. This was over a decade ago when I got to speak in front of 17,000 people in an arena in CA. I stood on the dirt in the bright spotlights before a Monster Jam event to share information about recruitment and retention programs for volunteer firefighters across the state. I set out to makes sure my message had the ultimate impact.
My tasks:
✨Capture and keep attention of the busy-minded audience.
✨Be clear in the message and the call to action.
✨Keep it short and to the point.
And most importantly-
✨Make my client look good by sharing the message in a positive and productive way✨
Our messages, even when we are sharing parts of ourselves, are not about us. They MUST have relevance to the audience.
We HAVE to show people what it is about the message, the business tool, the powerful principle that matters to them for any action to take place.
If you know you have a story to share AND valuable tools and insights that your audience can benefit from, let’s have a conversation about how to amplify your message and reach people in a meaningful way.

Photo Credit: Laus Photography
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