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If I Can Make People Laugh

Public Speaking Skills
I can make them listen.
And when people are listening, they are more willing to learn.
Not just from me. From everyone in the safe space that is created by laughter and connection.
My most profound lessons in public speaking have been discovered while performing comedy.
We all desire to be heard and understood.
Understanding how to use humor can enhance communication. It’s also a productive tool for tackling big topics, sharing your perspective, and seeking a little bit of relief we feel when we have a good chuckle is the gift that keeps on giving.
BTW – “Using humor” does not mean making fun of someone or something to prove your point. That’s the person in the office who says something hella mean/rude then says “what, can’t you take a joke?”
It’s why I teach the rules and tools from improv and stand-up when I teach my speaking clients in the Ovation Speaker Series. Humor is a powerful tool to learn public speaking skills. Something as simple as “Yes, And” can keep us in a frame of mind of what’s possible, encourage empathy, and build together where things feel broken.

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