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Strategies for Delivering an Outstanding Presentation as a Business Leader

The ability to produce a killer presentation as a company leader is a critical talent that may accelerate your career and leave a lasting impression on your audience. A strong and engaging presentation can capture stakeholders, motivate teams, and drive successful outcomes whether you’re pitching a new concept, presenting a strategic plan, or speaking at a conference. 


In this article, we will look at key tactics for giving a great presentation that will create a lasting impact and boost your standing as a business leader.

Chris Anderson, the TED curator, offered five strategies for delivering organized and outstanding presentation for  business leaders, 

  • Determine the beginning and finish points of your story.
  • Plan whether you want to memorize your speech word for word or use bullet points and practice them often.
  • Work on your stage appearance but remember your speech is more important than anything else.
  • Plan your multimedia, but don’t read from a powerpoint slide.
  • Put it all together, utilize your strengths, and be authentic.


A. Determine the beginning and finish points of your story.

Consider what the audience already knows and how interested they are in your subject to determine where to begin. According to Anderson, it is good to bring people on a journey when you want a compelling presentation. And you can frame your story by dividing it into three stages. 

  1. Beginning – Set the scene and introduce your topic
  2. Middle – Explain the challenge and why you care
  3. End – Resolve the challenge and give them tips to help them do the same. 

Remember, to limit the scope of your presentation to what can be explained and illustrated with examples in the time allowed. Instead, delve deeper. Give more information. Don’t tell your audience about the entire field of your business; instead, tell them about your one-of-a-kind contribution.


B. Plan whether you want to memorize your speech word for word or use bullet points and practice them often.

Once you’ve nailed the framing, it’s time to concentrate on your delivery. A speech can be delivered in one of three ways. 

  1. You can read it from a script. 
  2. Rather than writing the entire thing word for word, you can create a collection of bullet points that outline what you’re going to say in each segment. 
  3. You can also remember your speech, which includes practicing it until you internalize every word verbatim.

Remember to be mindful of your tone. Some speakers may wish to sound authoritative, wise, forceful, or passionate, but it is usually much better to sound conversational.


C. Work on your stage appearance but remember your speech is more important than anything else.

Simply getting a person to keep his or her lower body stationary will boost stage presence significantly. Some people can move about the stage during a presentation, which is OK if it comes easily. However, the vast majority of people are better suited remaining stationary and using hand gestures to emphasize their points.

Consider as well to build your stage appearance by connecting with your audience. Engage them by asking thought-provoking questions, encouraging participation, and incorporating interactive elements such as polls or group activities. Maintain eye contact, use gestures to emphasize key points, and vary your tone and pace to keep your audience’s attention. By actively involving your audience, you create a memorable and dynamic experience that sets you apart as a captivating presenter.


D. Plan your multimedia, but don’t read from a powerpoint slide.

Using presentation slides may seem virtually necessary in today’s tech-driven society. However, when it comes to slide presentations, it’s critical to remember some vital pointers. We’ve all heard the rules: keep it simple, don’t use slides to replace notes, and avoid reciting them word for word. Reading from slides can make a presentation appear robotic if done repeatedly. 

Video can be very effective as well, but there are common mistakes that should be avoided. A clip needs to be short—if it’s more than 60 seconds, you risk losing people. Don’t use videos—particularly corporate ones—that sound self-promotional or like infomercials; people are conditioned to tune those out. 

Anything with a soundtrack can be dangerously off-putting. And whatever you do, don’t show a clip of yourself being interviewed on, say, CNN. I’ve seen speakers do this, and it’s a really bad idea—no one wants to go along with you on your ego trip. The people in your audience are already listening to you live; why would they want to simultaneously watch your talking-head clip on a screen?


Utilize your strengths, and be authentic.

The key takeaway is that there is no universal formula for delivering a successful talk. The most impactful presentations stand out by offering unique and fresh perspectives. Avoid following a rigid template or trying to replicate all the advice given. Instead, embrace the core principles that resonate with you and adapt them to your own style. Leverage your strengths and deliver an authentic talk that reflects your individuality and showcases your unique idea.

As a business leader, giving a killer presentation is a valuable skill that can elevate your influence and drive success. Embrace these strategies, unleash your inner charisma, and become a masterful presenter who commands attention and inspires action. With dedication and practice, you’ll confidently deliver killer presentations that set you apart as a dynamic and influential business leader.

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