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This is Public Speaking

Public Speaking Skills
This is public speaking.
This post.
So is speaking up in your meetings at work.
So is sharing testimony, and asking genuine questions in church.
So is stand-up comedy.
And of course, so is stepping onto stages in front of audiences.
…And also every time you go live or create a reel on social media.
And when you are on sales calls.
And when you talk to strangers at the grocery store check-out, or on an airplane.
Each time you are sharing your insights with someone else in an open setting, it’s ALL public speaking.
And what is the point of sharing at all, if not to help inspire or share your perspective with hopes of expanding someone else’s awareness and understanding? (WE LOVE VALIDATION!)
If we are just flapping our yappers simply to hear ourselves talk or to make our opinions louder to try and prove a point, we are wasting the opportunity to create safe places for REAL CHANGE to occur in the areas of our society where we need it the most.
Anyone who wants to truly connect and be an influence for good in the world or workplace can benefit from enhancing their public speaking skills.
It is possible to share your ideas, beliefs, and opinions in a way that opens the conversation for others to step in with curiosity, instead of being triggered to jump to the defense when they may think differently than you.
It’s also possible to speak up in such an abrasive, non-productive way that we repel the very people whom we desire to reach.
Which way do YOU want to use your voice?
Don’t waste your opportunities to be a mouthpiece for the betterment of humanity.

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