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Megan McCaleb is an experienced Improv Trainer and has worked with hundreds of individuals and corporate business teams to harness the power of Improv Training in personal and business situations.  Check out these current improv courses below or click Contact for further information or to request custom improv training opportunities.

Great For Improv Beginners

Group Pricing Varies

In-person or virtual options available.
  • Our improv business workshops are an energetic and insightful addition to conferences, leadership retreats, team building events, and staff meetings in-person or through video conferencing.
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Online Speaker Training Course

Public Speaking with Improv Insights Online Course By Megan McCaleb

Online Course


  • Go from ZERO to PRO with this online speaker training course.
    What's inside:
    This online training class includes 11 videos and 6 downloadable companion guides woven throughout 17 short, easy-to-follow lessons, that can be taken at your pace. Also mobile friendly!
    - Public Speaking - Defined
    - How to Present Yourself
    - What to Know Before You Go - Tips for Prepping Your Topic Clarity and What to Expect for Each Unique Event
    - Improv Insights as Applied to Public Speaking
    - Advanced Skills and Tips to Make YOU a Master at Public Speaking
  • Speaking on stage virtually or in person can be really nerve-wracking. If you haven't had much opportunity to begin learning through experience, you can bypass a lot of uncomfortable mishaps by loading your skill set with tried and true tips and techniques right here. Find decades worth of insights as a speaker and award-winning author and comedian, Megan McCaleb, breaks things down into bite-sized lessons.
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