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  1. You have to BE FUNNY.
  2. The ability to improvise is something that some people were born with and not a skill that can be learned.
  3. You’ll have to perform in front of your peers.

Good news! These are just misconceptions.

The idea of “doing improv” freaks a lot of people out. And understandably so, if they think they are going to be put on the spot or perform scenes.

The reality is, improv skills, as derived from the comedic art form, can be incredibly helpful in mindset management, collaborative communication, and inspiring innovation.

Beginning with the rule of “Yes, And” – which is a simple and effective tool for everyone in the workplace and WAY beyond – you and your teams can unleash the potential of each individual AND the collective.


🌟Even my toughest groups of introverts have had nothing but positive take-aways.

🌟Every industry I’ve worked with can identify unique applications. From engineers, lawyers, realtors, health care professionals, and educators, to first responders, financial institutions, and executive leadership teams.

🌟And, I have a zero-fatality rate in my 15+ years of improv students.

The vibe of your company culture is everything these days. People want to be heard and valued. We want to have a workplace that does good things for humanity and our individual bottom line.

This is why my clients hire me. To achieve new heights in their organization. To revive the foundation of the company values. And to create a culture their employees feel excited to be part of.

All beginning with the two little words: YES. AND.

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