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Learn how to get a standing ovation

If you are a corporate professional who wants to transition into consulting, the best vehicle to do that is to speak from the stage.
It’s your turn to step up to the mic and amplify your message to reach more people and expand your influence in a meaningful way!
It doesn’t have to be a long, confusing process.
You can collect all the tools to go from Zero to Pro as a professional public speaker in a matter of MONTHS.
This experience is for those who of you who desire:
🎤To creating a legacy of impact using your professional expertise to teach others.
🎤To know that your challenges and personal experiences can be a beacon for others.
🎤To serve others and inspire change for the better.
🎤To show up as an EXPERT in your field.
🎤To get paid to speak and consult for other businesses.
In this coaching and mastermind cohort, you will get:
➡️The framework to go from Zero To Pro as a Speaker.
➡️Create your high-conversion signature speech to increase your booking rate and harvest more sales and future clients from each audience.
➡️Develop your media kit = Professional Headshot + Bio + Speaker 1-sheet + Testimonials
➡️Weekly live coaching calls & support with guest speakers and experts
➡️Exclusive / Private Mastermind where you’ll get to collaborate, connect and grow with other influential speakers like you.
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥You’ll SPEAK ON STAGE, in front of a LIVE audience of hundreds to capture a high quality, professional recording of your speech during the Ovation Speaker Series LIVE event on Saturday March 11th at JUMP in downtown Boise. (If you’ve dreamed about doing a TED talk…? This will be filmed at the same level of quality!)
This is for YOU if:
✨You want to accelerate the process of becoming a professional speaker.
✨You want to get paid to speak as a thought leader and expert in your field.
✨You are ready to define and deliver your signature message on stage.
✨You want to STAND UP for something you are passionate about and STAND OUT as a polished, engaging presenter who can bring massive impact to other companies as a consultant.
The Ovation Speaker Experience gives you the skills, the stage, and the spotlight to go from Zero to Pro as a public speaker in 90 days.
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