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public speaking and better communication

Let the positive principles of Improv become an anchor in your personal development or the foundation of your signature speech and stage presence as a presenter. My unique skill set as an improv coach, comedian, and personal development strategist is that I can pull together my years of career experience (working in corporate roles WHILE […]

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Learn how to get a standing ovation

If you are a corporate professional who wants to transition into consulting, the best vehicle to do that is to speak from the stage. It’s your turn to step up to the mic and amplify your message to reach more people and expand your influence in a meaningful way! It doesn’t have to be a long, confusing

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improvisation training

Everything Changed with “Yes, And”

My life before “Yes, And” — I was working as a bank manager, and that meant I often got to handle the difficult customer situations. I dreaded conflict. I would absorb the negativity of customer and feel flustered and defeated. Sometimes, that negative experience would spill over onto other customer interactions because I was so

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Amplify Your Message

What message do you want to AMPLIFY? Last year when I got this new tattoo I felt compelled to put this easter egg in the artwork so I would see it often as a reminder to amplify the messages that are important to me. Which, honestly, can be really scary at times. As I’ve grown and bloomed

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Get Out Or Burn Out

By Megan McCaleb,  Director of Communications and Connections; Idaho Women’s Business Center The temperature gauge on the dashboard of my bright orange Jeep Wrangler indicated 22 degrees. It was 6:38am on a Saturday and I had a date with the sunrise. As a Boise Idaho native, I have been well aware of the expansive recreational

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The Comedy Business

Hello Loyal-Laughers, Remember being a kid and having confidence and enthusiasm about what you were going to BE when you grew up? Children have this magical way about them. They just want to be who they are and do what they want to do until the world they grow up in and the people and

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