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Public Speaking Skills

This is Public Speaking

This is public speaking.This post.So is speaking up in your meetings at work.So is sharing testimony, and asking genuine questions in church.So is stand-up comedy.And of course, so is stepping onto stages in front of audiences.…And also every time you go live or create a reel on social media.And when you are on sales calls.And […]

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Follow Your Dreams

Dreams Can Change

What PERMISSION are you waiting for to make the step you are itching to take? How much LIGHTER will you feel when you put down that THING you are carrying? I am personally shedding some layers of the old Megan and it’s painful, scary, and in some ways, I’ve felt that the shift might have

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Megan Mccaleb prepares for a keynote speech and gets a standing ovation

Be Authentic, Get a Standing Ovation

If you want a standing ovation, you have to be authentic. Several years ago I was prepping to give the opening keynote for a business conference. It was a brightly lit, stark beige hotel ballroom setting with a room full of people chattering with one another. Many had coffee in hand, still getting their engines

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Megan McCaleb takes a group photo after teambuilding work event

For Quiet Quitting, Laughter is the Best Medicine

In the age of quiet quitting, burnout, and the great resignation, adding improv games might improve company communication and could lead to a more fulfilling workplace. – Yahoo Finance   We need more levity, more collaboration, better communication in this world, and we can start by creating happier, healthier human connections with humor in the

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Megan McCaleb and group participants of a improv business workshop smiling together

Improv Workshops: Building Skills and Boosting Creativity

In today’s fast-paced and constantly evolving business environment, companies need to find innovative ways to stay ahead of the competition. One way to do this is by incorporating improv techniques into your corporate training programs. Improv business workshops offer a unique and engaging way to build skills, boost creativity, and foster teamwork. What are Improv

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Ovation Speaker Series Keynote Event

Ovation Speaker Series

Be part of the live audience as the students of “Ovation” deliver their signature speech to record their professional speaker demo reel. Your $22.00 ticket gets you access to be part of the studio audience and have the opportunity to meet and mingle with Ovation speakers and powerful local connections. This power-packed cohort of SIX

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